(I just sent this message to both Senators Hutchison and Cornyn):

Dear Senator:

I urge you to oppose cutting SNAP and other hunger-relief programs as part of any deal on the Fiscal Cliff and to continue to protect tax incentives that encourage food and fund donations to food banks and other charities.

The food bank at the congregation I serve in Eagle Pass is a member agency of the South Texas Food Bank. We help nearly 200 families every month with hunger assistance. Many of the people we serve depend strongly on SNAP and other programs that help families living in poverty. Please vote to pass a strong farm bill that helps Americas’s families.

Rev. Paul Bailie
Eagle Pass, TX


Las Posadas

San Lucas once again was mentioned in The Lutheran, the monthly magazine for our denomination. It’s part of an article about Christmas celebrations. I talk about Las Posadas, the Mexican custom of reenacting the journey that Mary and Joseph take looking for lodging in Bethlehem.


You need to be a print subscriber to read the whole article online, but here is my good soundbite:

Las Posadas teaches children valuable lessons about showing hospitality to those whom God gives us the opportunity to greet. “It reminds us of our own journeys in life and how we seek and receive a welcome from others,” Bailie said.


This year at San Lucas, we will celebrate Las Posadas on Thursday, December 20.