A San Lucas Acrostic

In the past months as pastor of San Lucas, I’ve been trying to learn the context, know the people, and figure out what it means to be a Lutheran congregation on Eidson Road in Eagle Pass, Texas. Last month, we had some meetings called Encuentros para Escuchar (Encounters to Listen) where I invited parishioners to identify strengths, weaknesses, dreams, and hopes for San Lucas. I used a travelling metaphor, saying that we needed to know what kind of vehicle we’re driving before we pick a road. You don’t take a go-kart on the freeway, and you don’t drive a semi down a bike trail.

In the months and years ahead, I want to work together with the council and congregation to set some goals and do some planning for future possibilities. We need to find our path. To get us started, I’ve used some of what I’ve been hearing, combined with biblical interpretation and contextual awareness to propose a theological perspective for our identity as a congregation.

I’ve made an acrostic for the name of our congregation, San Lucas. I shared it in my sermon yesterday on Reformation Sunday, put it on a banner, and printed it out as a bulletin insert. My hope is that it will help us have conversation about who we are as a congregation and what that will look like in the future. Here it is in Spanish:

  • Somos la Iglesia
  • Anunciando a Cristo
  • Nacidos en el Espíritu
  • Luteranos en identidad
  • Unidos en misión
  • Cruzando fronteras
  • Alimentando a nuestra comunidad
  • Sin temor y sin excusas


Although the acrostic doesn’t work when translated into English, the idea is still there:

  • We are the Church
  • Announcing Christ
  • Born in the Spirit
  • Lutherans in identity
  • United in mission
  • Crossing borders
  • Feeding our community
  • Without fear or excuses