Pastor Paul Bailie begins serving at Iglesia Luterana San Lucas in Eagle Pass, Texas on March 1, 2011. An Iowa native, he studied geography and religion at Augustana College and attended the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago. He comes to Eagle Pass after serving a congregation in San Antonio and interning at a bilingual congregation in New York City. With a background in outdoor ministry and a passion for cross-cultural encounter, he is looking forward to life on the border.

The material on this blog is the intellectual property of Paul Bailie, and does not necessarily represent the opinions of Iglesia Luterana San Lucas, the Southwestern Texas Synod, or the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.


4 Comments on “About”

  1. David LaMaster says:

    Hi Paul:

    Am sitting in the library at New Braunfels. Have written to Jerry & Elaine Thomas who are still in MN but will soon be driving south I suspect. Doing some thinking about a date to come to E.P.. Thinking of early March and probably a week-end. Do you have any suggestions? This may be your day of rest / sabbath. If so, take it (!), and let your reply come tomorrow, perhaps.

    Had not checked your LSTC blog until a few minutes ago. Very good. Informative, educational, engaging. I will send a short squib back to Park Rapids for the March newsletter.

    God bless you with a day of refreshment and renewal.


  2. Amanda Simons says:

    Paul, I stumbled upon your blog by accident today through research for Advent worship ideas. It’s so nice to catch-up on your ministry and to hear God’s word through your blog. Thanks!

    Pastor Amanda Simons, St. Paul, MN; also an LSTC graduate

  3. David LaMaster says:

    Glad to get an email, somehow, on a message fr. a pastor in St. Paul. We are about four hours from SP. Looking forward to a possible visit again. God bless you in this coming Advent season when we LOOK FORWARD to the promises of the Kingdom that is now and coming! The hope factor; may it bring continued assurance to all who struggle for a better day for themselves and their loved ones.

  4. David LaMaster says:

    Ooops P.S…..
    Have read THe Hammer of God and Tecate Journals. Both good reads and worthy of a lot of reflection. (re: Your June , 201 archive entry.)

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