Bible study

Before I came, San Lucas already had a rather strong adult learning program on Wednesday nights. Usually around twenty-five people have been coming to this Bible study. They call it a Bible study, but the topics in the past have been wide-ranging: an overview of the sacraments, Lutheran doctrine, Bonhoeffer.

My goal tonight was simply to get to know the group and figure out what we want to do in the weeks ahead. I started by getting out the guitar, and we sang a few songs from Libro de Liturgia y Cántico. This is the time to choose and practice hymns for Sunday so that there is a good critical mass of singers who know the music spread out in the congregation. After that, I invited folks to share their name and their favorite thing about San Lucas. I was humbled by how many said having a new pastor was their favorite thing.

I suggested three options for our learning together:

A. Reading the upcoming Sunday’s lectionary texts.

B. Going through an entire book of the Bible.

C. Having a specific topic, like women of the Bible, justice, stewardship, the Ten Commandments.

The overwhelming winner: Lectionary texts! Though down the road, I’d love to do something creative, edgy, and controversial, I think lectionary studies provide a great grounding. It will strengthen and encourage my preaching to know that there will be at least twenty people in the assembly on any give Sunday who have already pondered and thought about the scripture they are hearing, and we will have studied it together.


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